6-7-8 September, 2018 Hitex Exhibition Center, Hyderabad INDIA                          

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PHARMA Pro&Pack is India’s leading exhibition in pharma manufacturing technologies. The exhibition envisions empowering the sectors of pharma machinery & processing manufacturers through its exclusive networking platform, distinguished resources & diverse segments bringing the best of what the industry has to offer under one giant canopy.

The 2018 edition of PHARMA Pro&Pack will be organized by the world’s leading exhibition organizer- Messe Muenchen India Pvt Ltd & leading trade association- IPMMA. Messe Muenchen India is also the organizer of analytica Anacon India & India Lab Expo which will be the co-located trade fairs along with PHARMA Pro&Pack 2018.

Join us at PHARMA Pro&Pack 2018 and be a part of endless opportunities to conduct business & elevate your brand. 

About organizer

Messe Muenchen India

We are one of the world’s leading trade fair organizers, offering around 40 trade fairs for industrial goods, consumer goods, and new technologies in Munich alone & as part of its international strategy, Messe München founded its own affiliated company in India with a registered office in Mumbai. The trade fairs organized by Messe München India are analytica Anacon India, electronica India, productronica India, drink technology India, LASER World of PHOTONICS India, Intersolar India, India Lab Expo, IFAT India and Indian Ceramics. In the coming years Messe München India will include more verticals keeping in mind its international expansion strategy


  • Backbone for the Indian pharma industry
  • Exports to more than 70 nations across the world
  • Latest cutting edge technology with international standard
  • Manufacturers Machineries / Equipments with highly cost effective and long term operational functionality
  • Nearly 250 Registered Member Companies
  • World class manufacturing facilities with the IPMMA Member Companies
  • Member Companies represent its brands in India and world over
  • International pharma machinery manufacturers have tied up with the Indian pharma machinery manufacturers for domestic trade and cost effective production with international standards
  • The government is focusing on bulk drug manufacturing which will get a further boost with setting up of 'Mega Parks' and which is also aligned to Prime Minister Narendra Modi's MAKE-IN-INDIA program.

    Mr. Hansraj Gangaram Ahir

  • The shows, PHARMA Pro&Pack Expo 2015 and iPHEX 2015 will help boost prospects of the pharma industry considering that trade visitors from over 80 countries are expected to visit the shows and also since India is turning in to a 'Pharma Capital' of the world.

    Mr. Girish Bapat

  • An inter-ministerial committee report has recommended that bulk drug manufacturing should be revived in the country.

    Mr. Rajeev Kher

  • We have to meet challenges related to documentation and data integrity and also renew focus on quality of drugs that are produced in India.

    Mr. Sudhanshu Pandey

  • The PHARMA Pro&Pack Expo exhibitions are assisting to create numerous business opportunities for Indian pharma machinery manufacturers in the Indian as well as the overseas markets, due to the sheer number of trade visitors who visited the shows from India and abroad. The Exhibition also provides a strong business platform to even a smallest entrepreneur to display his technical skills to national and international pharma buyers.

    Mr. Ratan Singhania

  • This third edition has been beneficial in terms of foreign delegates visiting our booth and considering the Make-in-India program initiated by the current government, it was very interesting to have foreign buyers coming and inspecting our products. Seeing is believing, and when you showcase and demonstrate the working of your products to buyers at the show, the product speaks for by itself.

    Mr. Mahendra Mehta

  • Our main focus is to get the recognition of Indian Pharmacopoeia from drug regulators, for which, we are speaking to all drug regulators and reassuring them that PHARMEXCIL would make its best efforts to ensure supply of best quality drugs at affordable prices.

    Dr. P. V. Appaji

  • With increasing R&D spends, Indian pharmaceutical sector has become a cost-effective centre for world class research as also for contract R&D. Indian companies in recent years have produced many cost-effective drugs that are affordable to the masses. We are making concerted efforts to promote India's status as the manufacturing hub of the world.

    Mr. Ashutosh Gupta

  • iPHEX 2015 will be a complete value chain show. Huge business opportunities are expected to emerge during the event. The unique model of exhibition format where each buyer meets each and every exhibitor is a model by itself. Due to this model, Pharmexcil has taken a lead to increase the reach of these buyers so that exhibitors can in turn maximize the potential of these buyers and explore new business opportunities.

    Mr. Bhavin Mehta

  • I am using Indian pharma machines for the past 20 years and I have seen the industry progress over the period. It has really improved in terms of finishing and GMP. In fact, I feel some of the manufacturers have actually set standards for others to follow.

    Mr. Sunil Shah

  • We are exhibiting at this expo for the third time and the profile of buyers who visit our booth fits in perfectly with the products that we manufacture. Buyers are spending a lot of time reviewing our machinery and we successfully closed a few orders with the buyers who visited our booth. We are a joint venture partner with Parle Global Technologies and they too are happy with the results that we generate from this show.

    Mr. David Keefer

  • The PHARMA Pro&Pack Expo 2015 is very well organised and at this just one trade show, I have been able to see all kinds of pharma machinery.

    Mr. S. M. Shafiuzzaman

  • According to me, if we want to upgrade our facilities and improve the quality of our products, this exhibition offers machineries and equipment at affordable costs. The technology on display is the latest and I expect that this show will continue to be held every year in the future too. Maybe next year, I will send a technical team from our plant. In closing, I can only say that it has been a fruitful visit.

    Dr. Md Zakir Hossain

  • This is my first visit to the exhibition and I really cannot believe that Indian pharma machine manufacturers can develop and produce such high-tech machinery. I have spoken with a few exhibitors here for permanent transfer of technology to Egypt and that is where I see future cooperation between India and Egypt.

    Dr. Adel Mostafa

  • It was a wonderful experience for me as I have never visited such an expo in India. I have been to may exhibitions in the US; however the PHARMA Pro&Pack Expo 2015 is comparable to those held in the US. Talking about the technologies on display, I came across many latest types of machineries. I came across 2-3 producers of that equipment. I can say that Indian pharma manufacturers are at par with those in the US. Secondly, the prices of Indian machines are very affordable to those available in the US.

    Mr. Hemant Joshi

  • This is my third visit at PHARMA Pro&Pack Expo exhibition. Indian machinery is at par with what is available in the world. The machineries on display here are really good. I look forward to closer cooperation between Ghanaian pharma companies and Indian pharma machinery companies.

    Mr. Muley I.N.

  • The expo is very good and we have had many customers visiting our stall.

    Mr. Zhang Rui

  • As far as the qualities of the displays are concerned, I see a distinct improvement over the past two years. The exhibitors have also turned more responsive when compared with the past two editions.

    Mr. Vishesh Parekh

  • This is my repeat visit to the show. This time I have noticed a distinct difference between the shows held last year and this year. The display has vastly improved and exhibitors too went out of their way to address queries from visitors"

    Mr. A. C. Tiwari

  • I am really very happy to attend the shows here and it was very interesting to come across new technologies and developments in the field of pharma machineries. The best part is that along with iPHEX, the shows put together showcase the entire spectrum of the Indian pharma industry.

    Dr. S. P. Rijhwani

  • I had come here for the first edition and this is my second visit. When comparing with the previous shows, I find 2015 show to be bigger with many more new technologies on display and is also well organised. These technologies on display here will help us select machines as and when we decide to buy new machines.

    Mr. Anil Kumar

  • In regards to information, definitely it is an excellent business platform. You lean new updated technologies and take home more information. I am very happy with PHARMA Pro&Pack Expo 2015 Exhibition.

    Mr. Rajat Jain

  • We are a repeat exhibitor at the PHARMA Pro&Pack Expo and we are very happy with the way the show has been organised. And just like last year, we are really impressed with the quality of international visitors who are here. Additionally, since this show is being held alongside iPHEX, the show generates extra exposure, since our machinery users are part of the iPHEX show.

    Mr. Kedar Sathe

  • We have found lots of enthusiasm for our products from visitors. We found the inquiries to be very positive as there are many companies which want to upgrade their existing technologies and equipment.

    Mr. Sushil Mishra

  • This has been 3rd year participation and every year the visitors are increasing including lot of foreign buyers are attending us at this Exhibition.. We feel that the Exhibition; PHARMA Pro&Pack Expo is improvising every year. Trade buyers have time to attend us and we also get time to understand their requirements.

    Mr. Chintan Shah

  • This is my first visit to the PHARMA Pro&Pack Expo and I found the exhibition to be very interesting and I made good new contacts in the last two days. I came also across interesting and innovative pharma technologies. We hopefully may be purchasing machines through the exhibition contacts that we have made here at the expo.

    Mr. Andrii Kolodynskyi

  • We have come here to the expo for the first time. Personally I came across a few new technologies in bio-similar, laboratory equipment and roll compactors. I also came across a few safety equipments and shoes and also air monitoring equipments, all of which I found very interesting. Normally, we import all these items from western countries and are very expensive. So now after visiting the expo, we found that technology wise, everything seen here is at par with those imported from western countries, but the price quoted by Indian manufacturers is very competitive.

    Many companies are adopting GMP and need to upgrade their machinery and equipments, but because of the high prohibitive costs, were not doing so. But now, after having the seen the equipment and the price, we now have an option to import from India, too. I have collected a lot of information and once back in Bangladesh, will share it with all member companies, so that they can also take advantage of the competitively priced but technologically efficient Indian pharma machinery.

    Mr. Md Halimuzzaman

  • We are partaking for the third time and this show has also been good for here, as we have received good number of visitors at our booth. We also exhibit at international shows and find that Indian products are receiving good interest from foreign buyers and here too, we have had a good flow of international buyers.

    Mr Jayesh Shah

  • The quality of visitors is very good although numbers seem to be a little less. However, those who are coming to our booth are all genuine. International buyers have now understood that Indian pharma machinery is at par with those offered by manufacturers in developed countries. Year on year our international business is growing, which is a pointer to the quality products that we offer.

    Mr. Sunil Vaidya

  • We are participating for the third time and we find that visitors visiting our booth, whether Indian or from overseas are coming with a set agenda and are all serious buyers and we are very optimistic about the outcome from this show.

    Mr. Snehal Surti

  • We are participating for the first time and our experience is excellent. The international buyers, who visited our stall, praised the quality of our instruments. There is a good scope of marketing analytical instruments in the international markets. We have already made up our mind to book a stall at next year's PHARMA Pro&Pack Expo.

    Mr. Arun Bansal

  • We are participating for the third time and as in earlier editions, this time too, we have received serious and genuine enquiries, both from Indian and international visitors. International buyers seem confident of adopting India-make machines due to our quality, which is a very good sign for us and the Indian pharma machinery industry. Through this show, our packaging machinery is getting exposed to international visitors.

    Mr. K Satyanarayan

  • The number of visitors is good. Exhibition is organized in professional manner.

    Mr. Gopal Krishnan

  • Overall Exhibition is okay. We are hopeful for next year, too.

    Mr. Mayur Joshi

  • The flow is ok. We are looking forward for more results next year.

    Mr. Melwyn

  • This is the second time that we are exhibiting. We found this exhibition very good for business networking. This time we have found more international & domestic buyers and trade exposure. We have had Indian as well as international visitors visiting our booth and we are happy with the numbers and quality of visitors as well as the inquiries received. This is a very good platform for manufacturers like us and also a highly successful show.

    Mr. Arun Shukla

  • This is the second time I am coming here at the PHARMA Pro&Pack Expo. We have had serious buyers visiting our stall. Last year too we had received good response and also executed a good number of orders after the show. Compared to even last Show, I found very good response this Show and any other Shows.

    Mr. Kamal Rangra

  • I am here on behalf of our Association, Laghu Udyog Bharti and we represent the packaging sector. We met many of the pharma machinery manufacturers and users at PHARMA Pro&Pack Expo 2015, Exhibition and also received good response from them.

    Mr Surendra Jain

  • This exhibition PPPE 2013 very good Show. Though the visitors are limited, but high profile visitors with largers authorities in terms of purchase. We will surely participating at PHARMA Pro & Pack Expo 2014 Exhibition..!"


  • Yes. We have various customers to see the machines and the god acceptance. Since 5 - 6 years, we are already in India. But this exhibition offered good chance to display the technologies and to meet the customers with ease.

  • PHARMA Pro & Pack Expo 2013 Exhibition - its well done as good as any international Show..!"

    Executive Director RML Engineering Ltd. New Zealand

  • This exhibition was very profitable for us as most of all the top pharma companies attended the show. We have got top quality inquiries. Indian pharma market is for for high quality products, the customers are smart and qualified and they know what thee require. The Exhibition - PHARMA Pro & Pack Expo 2013 has remained quite useful, and surely exhibiting in 2014.!"

    BOSSAR Packaging, S.A., Spain

  • We are new for India to launch 100 years old invention of Italy. This exhibition has remained very useful for us as the Exhibition is full of interested customers and no time looser. Really best opportunity to open up the market in India for us..! We will be exhibiting in 2014..!"

    Bram-Cor S.P.A., Italy

  • the PHARMA Pro & Pack Expo 2013 has remained very busy event with great surprise to have such good quality attendance of the buyers and decision makers. Company has received an excellent acceptance and has good number of inquiries with record sales during the Show time itself..! Charles Ischi AG definitely will be exhibiting in 2014 Exhibition of PHARMA Pro & Pack Expo.

    Charles Ischi AG, Switzerland

  • I was excited with the successful attendance of high quality buyers who attended the show as this was the unique platform to meet the Indian customers directly.

    President, Elizabeth Carbide Die Co., USA

  • For the first time, I find this is exhibition is very nice even it is happening for the first time as lot of decision makers are visiting us at our booth. At the same time, it is not overcrowded and you find time and space to meet the buyers to understand their needs as compared to other international show, where people are continuously coming and you miss the buyers

    ROTA Verpackungstechnik GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

  • Feel that PHARMA Pro & Pack Expo 2013 exhibition is surely growing with its launch itself and the response is good, therefore, they will be joining again in year 2014 as exhibitor.

    Sky Softgel Co. Ltd., Korea

  • The quality was quite good and we are very happy to introduce our new products during PHARMA Pro & Pack Expo 2013, Mumbai exhibition. We would be exhibiting again in 2014..!

    Skan AG, Switzerland


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